5th grade Extra-Curricular Academic Eligibility

Fifth Grade Extra-Curricular Academic Eligibility

The following academic guidelines will apply to all fifth grade students who participate in basketball or cheerleading during the 2016-2017 school year:

  1. Students must maintain passing grades (D or above) in all subjects to be eligible to participate in basketball and/or cheerleading.

  2. Progress reports will be ran for participating students on Friday afternoons following lunch. The names of players/cheerleaders who have an “F” in one or more subjects will be reported to the Elementary Athletic Director.

  3. On the Saturday after progress reports have been ran:

    • ●  Students WILL be allowed to participate in basketball games that day.

    • ●  The Elementary Athletic Director will notify coaches of players/cheerleaders who are ineligible for the upcoming week.

  1. Ineligible players/cheerleaders WILL NOT be allowed to attend practices or participate in games the following week.

  2. Academically ineligible players/cheerleaders WILL NOT be allowed to participate in practices or games until eligibility requirements are met.

NOTE: Ineligibility is served week to week, not game to game. For example, a player who receives a failing grade in math on Friday, November 4th will be allowed to play on Saturday, November 5th, but he/she cannot practice or play at the game the following week. If that student has a passing grade on Friday, November 11th, they can begin practicing/play the game the following Monday, November 14th. Any questions, please contact BJ Best (Elementary Athletic Director) at wbest@scsd2.k12.in.us.