Elementary Extra-Curricular Academic Eligibility

Scott County School District 2

Elementary Extra-Curricular Athletics Academic Eligibility

The following rules will apply to all SCSD2 third, fourth and fifth grade students  participating in extra-curricular athletics.  Included are all district sponsored and travel teams.  

  1. Students must maintain passing grades (D or above) in all core subjects to be eligible for participation in extra-curricular athletics.

  1. Progress reports will be run on Monday.  The names of students who have an “F” in one or more core subjects will be reported to the Elementary Athletic Director who will in turn notify the coach.  

  1. Ineligible students WILL NOT be allowed to attend practices or participate in games through Sunday of that week (Monday to Monday eligibility period).

  1. Academically ineligible students WILL NOT be allowed to participate in practices or games until eligibility requirements are met.